Tourism Website Package

Tourism is the fastest growing industry in Britain, attracting visitors from the UK and abroad. Alongside cities, many smaller towns have identified the opportunity that tourism offers, and begun developing their online presence in order to promote their unique selling points. Are you a local authority or tourist information group looking to push your town into the public space? Want to promote your local businesses, attractions, and accommodation to visitors? Red Dune has a website package for you!

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Attractive Design

  • We at Red Dune believe an attractive design can make all the difference when attracting users to your website. This is especially true in the tourism industry, where visitors will be looking to answer the question 'What does this location have to offer?'. With our Tourism website package you will get a slick, modern design, fully tailored to your town, village, or administrative area. Below is an example of one such design we created for Harleston Town Council's tourism initiative: 'Visit Harleston'
  • Harleston Tourism Website designed by Red Dune

Business Listings

  • The website provides a directory of local businesses which are broken into several categories that can be defined by the administrator. Visitors can search for businesses using the search function, or navigate through the categories.
    Tourism Website Business Directory example
  • Businesses can sign up themselves, or you can create profiles as an administrator before handing them off for editing purposes.
    Tourism website business directory sign up example
  • Businesses can list detailed information about themselves including description, opening hours, gallery, location, email address, website, phone number, etc. Businesses have their own user profile and can log in to their profile page to make edits to their own information. Additionally, the website administrator can appoint an editor who has the ability to edit all business listings.
    Tourism website business directory listing example
  • The administrator can decide to offer 'premium' packages to businesses in order to give them access to additional features for their listing, or to give them higher ranking on the listing pages. The businesses can purchase these packages directly upon signing up with PayPal integration, or pay for them separately outside of the site.
  • You can allow business listings to be published immediately upon creation, or set it so that they must be approved by the editor.


  • The site also offers businesses and organisations the ability to create their own events which can be shown in a calendar, grid, or list format to visitors.
    Tourism website events calendar example
  • Events can be given detailed information such as date, location, organiser, gallery, etc.
    Tourism website events calendar listing view
  • Events can be shared by visitors on social media or added to their own outlook/google calendar.
  • Events can be curated by the administrator once submitted, or they can be published immediately upon creation.


  • The site also has a typical blog for announcing local news in the town, accessible only by the administrator or editors.
    Tourism website blog and latest news example

Website Management

  • The website is built within the WordPress framework, a content management system which allows an administrator to manage and edit almost every aspect of the site's appearance and functionality from a user-friendly back end.
    Tourism website WordPress framework demonstration
  • Interior pages are simple to create and edit using a built in page builder.
    Tourism website page builder demonstration

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