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Harleston is an ancient market town, which is part of the Waveney Valley. Harleston is known for the old buildings which are still standing today. Harleston encourages visitor to come to visit, and unravel the beauty of this old town. Local traders visit Harleston to attend the local market and sell their stock, this happens on wednesday as wednesday have always been the traditional market day since 1259. The market is a popular attraction which brings people from all over to come and see what Harleston has to offer. Harleston has a variety of shop, including Butchers and Bakers which have been open for years as a family business. If you want to find out more about Harleston and what used to happen, then visit the local museum. In the museum you can learn about what life used to be like in Harleston and historical events. It has been tradition that every year, Harleston players host the Harleston and Waveney festival. This has been happening since 2002, and the festival grows in size each year.

Red Dune Internet have designed several websites in the Harleston area.

Waveney Medico Legal Services

Highly experienced Occupational Therapist/Care Expert.Professional, succinct reports with justified recommendations.Efficient and personal service.

Waveney Medico-legal Services specialises in the delivery of high quality, reasonable and clinically justified Care and OT assessment reports.

Covering all aspects of Occupational Therapy including independence, equipment, care and services, housing needs and rehabilitation.

Die Cast 4 YouDie Cast 4 You

Die Cast Models 4 You is a small, family run business based in Norfolk and Suffolk with over 30 years experience trading in rare antique die cast models.

They were looking for a charming, responsive site that would display their vintage models in an attractive light and allow a customer to view them in detail. They also required integration with their existing paypal buttons. Red Dune delivered.

Harleston GrapevineHarleston Grapevine

Harleston Grapevine is a local newspaper informing the people of Harleston and the surrounding areas of events in their community.

Harleston Grapevine required a site that would host past editions of their digital paper, allow frequent updating, and present it in a readable format. They also wanted the ability for businesses to send advertising applications through the on-site form.

7 Churches7 Churches

First and foremost we aim to show Christ's love through our transformed lives. Building on the foundation of Christ we are reaching out in ways new and old. We learn to be even more welcoming and central to our communities. Be willing to challenge, lead people on in their faith and have the Good News at the heart of what we do. We learn to embrace the Spirit's gifts more, including healing, ministering to our community and schools.

Bounceback Physio HarlestonBounceback Physio Harleston

Physiotherapy at BounceBack uses physical approaches to promote, maintain and restore physical, psychological and social well being. BounceBack adopts a holistic, evidence-based approach which takes into account each individual's lifestyle and specific requirements.

Some of the most common conditions we see are back and neck pain, sports injuries, work-related and postural disorders, musculoskeletal injuries and imbalances following trauma or surgery.

During the initial assessment, your physiotherapist will discuss your condition and perform a comprehensive physical examination to identify the source of the problem. The diagnosis and prognosis will then be fully explained and treatment goals agreed. Treatment normally starts during your first session.