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Website Design Long Stratton

Long Stratton is a civil parish in South Norfolk, in the East of England, UK. It consists of two villages; the larger, Stratton St. Mary, is to the south, and the other, Stratton St. Michael, is to the north.

The church contains a rare example of a Sexton's wheel. The only other example in the country is claimed to be at Yaxley, Suffolk.  Long Stratton has two Church of England churches (St Mary and St Michael), as well as a Methodist church. The church of Long Stratton St Mary (see right) is one of 124 existing round-tower churches in Norfolk.

Red Dune Internet have designed several websites in the Harleston area.

Liberty Funeral Planning Services

Funeral Planning Comparrison

For many people having a prepaid funeral plan is just common sense. Over one million people have arranged their own prepaid plan. These are simple to arrange through a local funeral director of your choice and prices reflect actual costs that are current in your area. Having a funeral plan that has been paid for in advance gives you peace of mind that your wishes are clearly understood and will be respected, and your funeral cost will be set at today’s prices with nothing further to pay to the funeral director later on - guaranteed.

Liberty Funeral Planning Services

Liberty Funeral Planning Services

The Liberty Funeral Plan is provided by Funeral Planning Services Limited, an independent British company established in 1995 for the provision and administration of Funeral Plans in association with independent Funeral Directors throughout the UK.

Since 1995 Funeral Planning Services has enabled over 70,000 people to provide for their funeral in advance. Funeral Planning Services is regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority and is also a member of the National Association for Pre-Paid Funeral Plans.

Liberty Funeral Planning Services

Serenity Touch

At Serenity Touch I provide holistic therapies in the Norfolk region. To treat 'holistically' is when a therapist will approach an individual's condition and take into account the physical, mental and social factors rather than just the diagnosed dis-ease.